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10 Orlando Theme Park Tips

Millions and millions of people visit the sunny and charming Orlando every year, and most of them flock to the pulsing and vibrant theme parks filled with fun, thrill ride screams, and laughter. All of the theme parks pack in so much entertainment, details, size, and information and combining that with Orlando’s heat and 50 million guests yearly can quickly make you overwhelmed. Check out these 10 Orlando theme park tips and be more prepared and confident for your next visit allowing yourself and your family to enjoy the long-awaited holiday more!

Avoiding The Lines

Thousands of visitors flock to the theme parks daily creating queues that sometimes can become over an hour long and ruin the park experience.

Luckily, there are few tips and tricks for those who want to avoid long waiting times and big lines to their desired rides and attractions.

One of the biggest tricks is to have an early or late lunch at the park which will not only make you avoid the crazy lunch rush at the restaurants, but also provide smaller lines at the attractions. If you’re okay with skipping parades and fireworks, it will also result in lower waiting times.

Use Theme Park Apps

Using theme park apps on your smartphone is not only a time saver but a really convenient way to get around.

Book tickets, check attraction wait times, review restaurant menus, reserve a table and get to know when the shows are starting. Theme park apps will even help you decide and pick which ride to take on and aid you with parking.

Many more functions are available through dozens of different theme park apps that are available today, be sure to check them out!

Plan In Advance

This tip can be underrated, as planning in advance is really important in these giant theme parks that can get anyone’s head dizzy once inside.

The size, complexity and the choice of attractions can become difficult to handle and make decisions on the spot. Therefore, it is only recommended to have at least some kind of plan or preferred rides and attractions in mind before entering the park.

This will save you lots of time and will eventually let you experience more and avoid the headache of going through the chaos without not knowing what to do!

Prepare For The Weather

Disrespecting Florida’s blazing sun can come at a huge price – a ruined holiday that you waited for so long.

Even if you have experience with tropical weather, never underestimate the sun around here. In Orlando temperatures can reach the scorching 100F and over and combined with humidity, it can ruin the stay or result in heatstroke and sunburns even on a cloudy day.

Pack plenty of water and sunscreen with you to stay hydrated, safe and avoid crashing your vacation.

Stay On Site

It might be a little bit more expensive, but it comes with many great benefits that will add up and make your stay easier and more comfortable.

Skip the parking hustle with using water taxis while staying on site and you will always have where to come back to catch a very needed break and even get priority seating at the selected restaurant alongside other great benefits.

One of the strongest perks is contributing to our first tip and avoiding the big lines, as the guests staying on site will get early admission to the park, before the general public storms in.

One Park Per Day

Unless you are very limited in time, exploring theme parks one park per day is the best option.

This way you will be able to tackle all the main attractions in each individual park instead of wandering from park to park without possibly attending the biggest rides and other attractions due to long wait times and other factors.

Use the time to experience the park to its fullest instead of bouncing between parks and wasting time for that.

Timing Your Holiday

This can be another huge factor for a more enjoyable time at the theme parks. With more than 50 million visitors each year, you might want to consider going in a non-peak time of year.

Try to arrange your vacation somewhere in Spring or Autumn, avoiding the busy summer school holiday period for a combination of lesser crowds and cooler weather.

Dodging other U.S holiday periods like Thanksgiving and popular family gatherings like Easter will also contribute to avoiding armies of tourists giving you an easier time to wander around.

Arrive Early

Being the earliest bird is another great tip, especially for those who want to experience those big rides.

The gates usually open somewhere around half an hour earlier than the official time, therefore the earliest arrivals will have a huge advantage.

Head for the main rides and be the very first to experience them! Later, when the hectic peak kicks in, you will be more than happy with the decision to wake up early.

During the heated afternoon, you will able to skip the main things, and simply relax watching the shows or enjoying a cold drink in a restaurant.

Saving Money

Looking to save your hard earned money? No worries here as there are some tips and tricks for that as well.

Purchasing multi-day and combo tickets will come at much greater value if you are looking to visit many parks. This will not only be cheaper than buying separate tickets bought on each park entrance but will provide good flexibility when bouncing between parks.

Consider dining outside theme parks as hundreds of restaurants outside theme parks are lined up with cheaper prices. Try to have a good breakfast before arriving as well.

Use The Single Rider Line

If you are traveling alone or simply don’t mind riding with strangers by your side, you definitely want to use this tip as it’s a huge time saver.

A cast member can direct you to the designated queue, whether you are alone or with a group that will be split up to fill up the remaining seats that have been left empty by those who didn’t utilize stand-by lines or Disney FASTPASS.

The single rider lines are often unmarked, leaving many people unaware of how to use them. Take advantage of that and save tons of time by riding with strangers.