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The Best Time To Visit Orlando, Florida

orlando weather

When we think of Orlando, the spectacular theme parks, pleasant weather, and endless entertainment come to mind. And for absolutely right reasons! Orlando being gifted with all of that and more, it is one of the top tourist destinations in the sun-kissed Florida state. With its sub-tropical weather, and theme parks operating year-round, it might seem like the best time to visit Orlando is actually any time, but there are much more details to that than one can expect. Then when IS the best time to visit Orlando, Florida? Well, it depends. Let’s find out!

Eyes on the Price

If lower prices on accommodation & flights are what you are after, then Spring and Autumn are your best bet.

This is when you will find cheaper prices for both flights & hotels, as the off-season of Orlando kicks in. The key thing to remember is big holidays during these seasons such as Easter where prices will see a huge spike.

Dodging The Crowds

Fortunately, for those who don’t enjoy big crowds and jam-packed attractions, the best time to visit Orlando for dodging the crowds are also Spring and Autumn seasons.

Summer season tends to be crowded while winter with its holidays can become super busy and flooded with visitors. And try not to forget the general tip, that it is always best to start earliest in the morning when visiting theme parks, to take the best attractions first, without crowds.

Orlando Weather

From scorching hot to humid and moderate, although Orlando’s sub-tropical sun doesn’t shy away from shining all year, the weather here is different every season.

March to May

Hunting down the perfect weather in Orlando? March to May has to be the best months to visit Orlando. Pleasant and dry weather with comfortable temperatures will greet you during this time.

June to August

This is where it gets truly hot. High humidity with temperatures between the 70s and 90s combined with packed crowds can be hectic & unpleasant.

September – November

September to November is when moderate weather returns, much similar to the Spring season. The only difference is a higher hurricane risk during this time. Although the chances are quite slim, this is still something to keep in mind and follow the forecast.

December – February

Winters in Orlando can be a heaven for those who are looking to escape the chilling cold. With temperatures between the 40s and 70s, you will comfortably walk around with a hoodie or a light jacket.

Walt Disney World Weather

The Best Time To Visit Orlando

So when is actually the best time to visit the Sunshine’s State fun and entertaining city of Orlando? Once again, it depends on what you’re looking for, but if we had to pick one, that’s definitely from March to May.

This is the best available time to combine fantastic weather, lower prices, and lesser crowds to enjoy the city at its fullest. Enjoy!