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Survival Guide to Eating Vegan At Disney World

Vegan Dish

According to The Economist, a whopping 25 percent of Americans 25 to 34 years old identify as vegan or vegetarian in 2019. And what a great portion of that number combines with millions visiting Orlando’s sparkling Disney World from outside the US, often a question, rather simple one is raised. Are there any vegan options in Disney? And recently, Disney has been adapting to the new trends of the society with a stronger and stronger answer each year which is YES! Check out this article to get a good glimpse at how much and where you can expect to find vegan options within Disney’s main theme parks. This is your survival guide to eating vegan at Disney World in your pocket!

Magic Kingdom

The Magic Kingdom is where Vegans truly thrive and rejoice at the sparkling Disney World. In every “land” you will find something vegan and delicious, whether it’s a simple yet fulfilling snack or a surprisingly good veggie burger!

Adventureland will welcome vegans with superb vegan noodle dishes such as Shiriki Noodles Salad in the Jungle Skipper Canteen while the Main Street U.S.A. you can discover a treasure in vegan protein hot dog at Casey’s Corner.

But wait, there’s definitely more! Fantasyland, Liberty Square, and Tomorrowland all have vegan choices scattered here and there such as vegetable couscous, quinoa salad or a mouthwatering strawberry smoothie with more waiting to be discovered. For that cherry on top, hop into Frontierland to visit Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn & Café for one vegan powered blast with dishes like Plant-based cheeseburger, veggie rice bowl, and more available on the menu. Enjoy!


In Epcot Theme Park its all about the World Showcase for vegans. First all of, there should be no worries about the coffee as most of the carts and walks ups has the non-dairy milk as an option.

Heading to the World Showcase, visitors will be able to find vegan options within all country representations. Some offer more simple options like Mexico’s showcase with Veggie Tacos or chips & guacamole while other countries have more options.

The most treasure for vegans awaits in showcases like Morroco, Japan, France or Germany with many intriguingly delicious options like veggie sushi, lasagna, falafel-filled wraps, pizza and much more!

Hollywood Studios

If healthy vegan milkshakes, yummy crab cakes, and fulfilling falafel burgers sound like you, then welcome to Hollywood Studios theme park and Sci-Fi Dine-In Theatre, Commissary Lane Restaurant! Vegans here are just as embraced as in the Magic Kingdom or Epcot with many great choices.

Other delightful places such as Hollywood and Vine, Echo Lake offers to build your own pasta with other options like Vegan Mickey Waffles or Oatmeal! While these two restaurants are prime examples of vegan Hollywood Studios, many other options are available within the park.

Animal Kingdom

How about the adventurous Animal Kingdom? I wish I could say the last but not least, but this theme park probably has the lowest choice available for vegans.

While many dishes are made upon special request to make it vegan-friend, some Asian and African restaurants such as Tusker House and Yak & Yeti offers fresh fruits, tofu, and veg dishes and salads. But that is as much as it gets, as the Animal Kingdom theme park still has a long way to go into adapting to today’s vegan needs. Stay tuned!