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15 Hidden and Weird Spots at Walt Disney World

Inspiring castles, incredible thrill rides and beloved characters with many other easily seen attractions make Walt Disney World what it is today – one of the entertainment’s finest in the world. But here, theirs is so much more to discover, hidden behind innovative, intriguing, weird and secret details that you possibly didn’t know about. Once you start chasing them as well, that’s when the Disney experience will truly become complete and full with unique stories to tell once back home. Let’s discover!

1. Hiding Mickeys

Hidden Mickeys is probably one of the most well-known secrets in Disney World. The combination of the three circles shaping the head of Mickey Mouse are spread all across the resorts and parks and are quite challenging to hunt down.

From cables to plates and everything else you can imagine, they are simply everywhere and can definitely amp up your experience in Disney World once you challenge yourself to find them.

What started as an inside joke, all the way back to mid-1970s has even become an inspiration for multiple books with one author recording over one thousand findings.

2. The Fake Flags

Yet another thing that is quite hard to notice when being all excited and strolling around beautiful streets of Magic Kingdom.

Strict rules of the national flag code like the one that requires all the flags to be positioned at half-mast on special occasions are the culprit for all the fake flags in the Magic Kingdom.

All of them are missing a stripe or a star, making them pennants, not flags allowing to avoid the strict rules and the flag etiquette.

3. Cinderella Fountain

Behind the sparkling and dazzling Cinderella Castle, a special fountain can be found and it will prove once again, that paying attention to smaller details in Disney World can reveal special secrets.

While the Cinderella Fountain itself is quite a popular location, especially for beautiful photos, there is a hidden gem that can only be discovered by a certain movement.

The first step is to stand and look in front of the fountain. After that, one must bend down to the princess and look at the fountain, at that moment a crown will appear on the head of the princess from the artwork on the wall behind the statue.

4. The Infamous Tunnel Network

One day, Walt Disney himself was wandering around the Disneyland when he noticed a cast member, the Frontierland cowboy walking through Tomorrowland, at least that’s what the legend says.

Being bothered by that, Walt thought it ruins the authentic experience for the guests, and that’s where the secret tunnel system known as the “Disney Utilidor System” was born.

Sometimes referred to as the Underground City, the largest one can be found beneath the Magic Kingdom theme park, and interestingly enough, it is at the ground level, making all the streets elevated by one store.

The utilidor system keeps park operations out of guests sights and has many functions such as costuming, cast member services, storage warehouse, waste removal, and even staff cafeterias.

5. Unheard Conversations

Secret and unheard phone conversations can be heard in several locations throughout the Disney World.

If you like finding small hidden gems that will add a little extra experience to the visit, then consider picking up an old phone. It can be located inside the candy shop, on the Magic Kingdom’s Main Street as well as in Astro Orbiter and in Tomorrowland under the TTA.

Pick up the phone to hear a cute conversation between daughter and mom, and have a unique story to tell your friends afterward.

6. Cinderella’s Friends

It seems like the famous Cinderella Castle is filled with hidden gems and secrets and spotting a royal mouse is one of them.

On the way to have a meal at the Cinderella’s Royal Table, all you have to do is look up to the rafters, before finding yourself upstairs. This is the moment when you will discover what most of the people miss, the little friendly mice.

Kids will definitely love discovering this secret and it can become one of the highlights of the trip to the castle.

7. The Kiss Goodnight

The Kiss Goodnight is something not many people know and stay to witness, but it is one of the most magical ways to end your fun-filled day at the park. When at the Magic Kingdom, don’t rush to leave the park, even if the park is closing. This is the special secret moment that a lot of people miss out and regret it afterward.

Stay around 15-30 minutes after the official closing of the park and be sure to stay in front of the Cinderella Castle.

The curious and lucky people will be treated to something beautiful and special. The magnificent Cinderella Castle will light up for one more time with “When You Wish Upon A Star” is played together with a message for the last visitors.

8. The Concealed Suite

Originally built for Walt Disney and his family, today the suite is repurposed for special guests without a possibility of booking, but instead wining it!

The rooms are equipped with a fine Jacuzzi tub, 17th-century furniture, a Cinderella mosaic floor made with 24-karat gold, and a clock that is perpetually frozen at 11:59.

How to stay here? Disney holds sweepstakes regularly to win a night’s stay in the suite. Good luck!

9. Family of The Day

Just as the Magic Kingdom has a secret closing to it, so it does for an opening!

Every morning, Magic Kingdom holds a musical opening ceremony also known as the rope drop. But did you know that Disney employees pick a special family to help open the Magic Kingdom every day?

That’s where your chance comes in, all you have to do is arrive very early to the park wearing matching Disney gear and show some sparkling enthusiasm!

The family of the day not only will get to take a tour of Main Street before it officially opens and participates in the opening ceremonies while cast members escort the family to the Magic Kingdom train station and introduce them to the waiting crowd. Is it just me or it sounds awesome?

10. Camouflaged Character Named Divine

Once in the Animal Kingdom theme park, add a dash of intrigue by trying to spot a heavily camouflaged and easy-to-miss character also known as Divine!

Masked in leaves and green paint, the street performer and a jungle character blend into the theme park’s environment perfectly making it hard to spot.

Embrace another secret of Disney and make it a fun challenge while you stroll through the park’s best attractions during the day.

11. Less Than 30 Steps from a Trash Can

According to the story, Walt used to observe how long a guest would hold onto a piece of trash in his or her hand before dropping it on the ground. The average count came up to around 30 steps, bringing an idea of trash can placement within the parks.

Today, in Walt Disney World no trash can will ever be further away from you than 30 steps helping the guests to keep it clean and more enjoyable for everyone.

12. The Early American Architecture

Ready to learn some history while discovering another innovative hidden detail?

Head to Liberty Square and take a peek at early America and the architectural style. Imagineers here not only made it as authentic as possible but implanted some hidden tricks as well with a dash of education.

All of the houses you will see have a two-digit address on the front. All you have to do is add number 18 before these two numbers and the year that the architecture style was popular will be revealed!

13. Have Lunch With Imagineer

Not the weirdest or most secret aspect of Disney World, but many guests don’t know this as well.

If you want to go an extra mile and venture into the intriguing details and creative process of making the Disney World beyond the surface, then you might want to consider having lunch with Imagineer!

You can book lunch with an Imagineer at Disney’s Hollywood Brown Derby or Citrico’s at the Grand Floridian resort and come back even more fascinating by one of the world’s entertainment finest brands.

14. Disney’s Restrictions for Employees You Wouldn’t Expect

With so many rules that Disney theme parks cast members have to follow, there are two that stand out the most. Both of them linked to guest relations saying that as a Disney employee you should never point with one finger or answer a guest question with “I don’t know.”

Pointing with your index finger is considered rude in some of the cultures, that’s why Disney World cast members point with two fingers instead. Some former employees insist that this could also be referred to as Walt Disney’s smoking habit.

As far as the second rule goes, trying to preserve Disney guest experience as best as possible, cast members are required to come up with an answer to any kind of question. If there’s no way to answer it, they would still have to even research an answer or ask a colleague to deliver some kind of answer and eliminate bad Disney experience for guests.

15. You Will Never See A Neighboring Land

Disney World is all about having fun and immersing yourself into the fantasy world of each land and theme park specifically. And there’s a genius planning once again, that delivers that experience. detail that

Even with lands like Liberty Square and Fantasyland being next door to each other, thanks to some well-placed foliage and other distractions, you won’t be able to see or hear one themed land if you are located in a different one. This gives the very needed feel that you’re exploring different worlds instead of one big connected theme park.

Even with flying high above Fantasyland on the Dumbo ride, it’s more than difficult to take a sneak peek of the neighboring Tomorrowland that sits just a few feet away from you!