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Top 10 Theme Bars in Orlando

Mathers Social Gathering

If you thought that only sparkling Orlando Theme Parks are unique, intriguing, fun and diverse here, wait till’ you discover themed bars! The never disappointing city of Orlando has plentiful of them, each with their own character, attention to detail and menu to get you by surprise. Check out these beautifully themed bars in Orlando that are one of the best at what they do – making your evenings even more special and fun!

Popular Bar and Lounges close to the Disney Theme Parks

The Edison

Located in an abandoned power plant with patios facing the beautiful Lake Buena Vista, this industrial-themed restaurant is a prime example of how unique it can get here in Orlando. The classic American cuisine, including juicy steaks and the signature Edison Burger, will add local feel even more. But The Edison doesn’t stop there, this lavish-looking entertainment venue goes the extra step to deliver an excellent and unique experience. Whether its handcrafted cocktails served throughout three bars, family entertainment or DJs and live performers getting you excited even more. After all, we are in Orlando!


Magical things don’t have to end once your theme park attractions end. With AbracadaBar you can now extend that feeling and enhance your cocktail experience in an elegant, majestic and sophisticated way. Thriving in a 1920s-themed setting with the interior of rich red tones, velvet curtains, posters reminiscing of magicians, mystifying mirrors and even hidden mickeys for those with an all-catching-eye. And this is a gentle start to a magical journey, as the bar is immersed in dozens of smaller magical details and an overall style that is only experienced here. And what about those craft cocktails, both alcoholic and non-alcohol they’re unique recipes and tastes will make you come back to explore something new every time!

Player 1 Bar

Games, music and beer, three things that blend up perfectly here, in Player 1 bar. It is your best chance to geek out and have a fine selection of drinks at the same time to accompany your gaming agenda here in Orlando. From the new gaming systems like PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Wii U to some older and classic platforms like Arcade Cabinet all over the place, you’ll never get bored here! Be sure to try out their extensive drinks menu that has everything to surprise you, from Vanilla Cream Ale to Hard Cherry Cola Beer and Smirnoff Cranberry Lime with dozens of more drinks that are ready to spice up your fun gaming moments even more.

Popular Bar and Lounges close to Universal Orlando

Bob Marley: A Tribute To Freedom

For different chilly vibes, discover the Bob Marley themed bar set inside a replica of his own house. The cultural and music icon Bob Marley is still the reigning “King of Reggae”. His songs of love, hope, and rebellion not only inspired multiple generations but this lovely avenue in Orlando as well. Opened after working together with Rita Marley and the Bob Marley Foundation, it is a bar filled with artifacts, photos, and video clips from Bob Marley’s legendary career as well as live reggae bands performing music every day.  Jamaican-influenced cuisine will also join in to create an even more authentic experience with yummy appetizers, desserts and signature dishes like Oxtail Stew or The Sun is Shining grilled chicken. Chill out in Orlando – Bob Marley style!

Dancing Dragons Boat Bar

Sitting on a Volcano Bay’s shore, the Dancing Dragons Boat Bar invites you to step inside Chinese Junk Ship. Its sails are beautifully painted and the location is perfect for those who seek to unwind in an exotic setting. Let those sails take you where you can dip your toes into soft sand and indulge in tropical cocktails that will refresh and rejuvenate you.

Moe’s Tavern

A lot of things come alive inside theme parks, and alongside other Simpson inspired themed restaurants, the iconic Moe’s Tavern found its place. Homer’s favorite place includes fast food options, exclusive Duff beer or a signature flaming Moe that will certainly become a highlight of the visit. If you love Simpsons and beer, this is a place to be in Orlando!

Popular Bar and Lounges in International Drive

ICEBAR Orlando

Orlando might be a sun-kissed land, but if you want to get a chilling taste of winter as well, head to the ICEBAR Orlando! The 3,000 square-foot ice-themed bar features live entertainment, special events, elegant caviar lights and a unique drinks service in a luxurious Nordic setting. And yes, walls, tables, seating, and bar is made entirely from real ice while the temperatures are kept here at 27 degrees Fahrenheit. No worries of freezing here as ICEBAR guests are always provided with cape and gloves to stay warm during this exquisite bar experience. From flaming hurricanes and tsunamis to polar mojitos, cocktails here are just as fascinating and made with taste just as those icy interiors of the ICEBAROrlando.

Mango Tropical Café

Another beautifully themed and award-winning venue invites you for an adventure of its own. Make the entertainment puzzle completed in Orlando, with a trip to exotic and carnival-themed Mango Tropical Café. Witness award-winning dinner shows, wild performances, and energetic dances as the stage is set to make one unforgettable evening. Not only it invites you to bust some dance moves of your own after the dance show, but it is a renowned entertainment hot-spot in Orlando and perfect for various occasions such as date nights, family vacations, corporate retreats, birthday celebrations, anniversaries, and many other. All in one vibrant and fun-filled fashion.

Cuba Libre Restaurant & Rum Bar – Orlando

If Latin parties, vintage decor, and tropical ambiance sound like you, then you‘ll not miss by trying out Cuba Libre Restaurant & Rum Bar. Dedicated so strongly to Cuban heritage, music, flavors and more, and after tasting their exceptional concept Cuban cuisine and classical cocktails you just might end up in Cuba during your next trip!

Popular Bar and Lounges in Downtown Orlando

Aku Aku Tiki Bar

As lovely as Jamaica was, we simply have to try out the Hawaiian vibes, tastes and feels. And what a better way to do it than with the Aku Aku Tiki Bar in Orlando!

Art and décor of the Tiki Bar together with those hanging surfboards and TV playing beach films will deliver that vintage beach vibes that we all love. Perfectly suited for Orlando’s sunny days. But even with those charming decorations, nothing beats the selection of Rum here.

With some going as high as 75%, you better buckle up as a visit here might take you on an unexpected journey through dizzying waves made out of rum and cocktails!

Mathers Social Gathering

Mathers Social Gathering stands out as a swanky and historical place from the 1800s, with a primary objective of promoting interaction and socializing. Situated on the third floor of a vintage furniture store from the late 1800s it brings a unique atmosphere alongside its house-made cordials, bitters, and syrups to create classic cocktails and modern libations as intriguing as they get!

Joysticks Arcade Lounge

Gaming and arcade bars are plentiful in Orlando, but Joysticks Arcade Lounge definitely stands out in the crowd! This 80s themed retro-bar is not only where you will enjoy a great range of games, carefree atmosphere with a plethora of drinks, but a place where for some of us nostalgia is inevitable. Combine those craft shots and specialty cocktails with a super Mario session, and take yourself back to the good old days, at least for a moment!