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For an amusement park mixed with an aquarium, SeaWorld is the place to go. SeaWorld opened over 40 years ago in Orlando, FL, and is open year round. SeaWorld is divided into eight seas, each with their own theme, and includes multiple rides, animal experiences, attractions, and shows for the whole family to enjoy.


General parking at SeaWorld is $22, preferred parking, which is closer to the park is $28.

Quick Queue Unlimited

For the price of $19 per guest you can get unlimited front of the line access to the following seven attractions; Antartica: Empire of the Penguin, Journey to Atlantis, Kraken Unleashed, Mako, Manta, Turtle Trek, and Wild Arctic.

Eight Themed Seas

  • Port of Entry
  • Sea of Delight
  • Sea of Fun
  • Sea of Ice

The Port of Entry is SeaWorld’s main entrance and is decorated in tropical landscaping, with a Shamu lighthouse. Sea of Delight includes a sub-area named The Waterfront. Sea of Fun is a children’s area. Sea of Ice is a themed sea around the continent of Antarctica.

  • Sea of Legends
  • Sea of Mystery
  • Sea of Power
  • Sea of Shallows

The Sea of Legends has a theme surrounding the lost city of Atlantis. Sea of Mystery features the Sea Garden, which is structures made from trash found on beaches. Sea of Power hosts the Killer Whale shows. Sea of Shallows has most of the shallow water sea animal exhibits.

Rides and Attractions

There are twelve rides and attractions to check out at SeaWorld. You can take a ride on a jungle river rapids journey at Infinity Falls. Orlando’s only floorless roller coaster; Kraken Unleashed is located at SeaWorld. Enjoy a 3D 360° theatre show over at Turtle Trek to learn about sea turtles and what you can do to help them.

  1. Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin (Ride)
  2. Flamingo Paddle Boats
  3. Infinity Falls
  4. Journey to Atlantis
  5. Kraken Unleashed
  6. Mako
  7. Manta
  8. Sea Carousel
  9. Seven Seas Railway
  10. Sky Tower
  11. Turtle Trek
  12. Wild Arctic (Ride)


If you are looking for a mixture of education and fun, head over to Dolphin Days to explore the playful life of the Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphin. If you are looking to get soaked, sit in the splash zone at the One Ocean show, and experience the magic of the Orcas.

  • Clyde and Seamore’s Sea Lion High
  • Dolphin Days
  • Ocean Discovery
  • One Ocean
  • Pets Ahoy

Animal Experiences

If you want to get close to the animals at SeaWorld there are many animal experiences that can be accomplished. Five species of penguins can be found at the Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin habitat. Walruses and Beluga Whales can be observed over at the Wild Arctic habitat. Over at Shamu Stadium, you can take part in Up-Close Dining where you can have a meal next to the resident Orca Whales.

  • Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin (Habitat)
  • Dolphin Cove
  • Dolphin Nursery
  • Jewel of the Sea Aquarium
  • Manatee Rehabilitation Area
  • Manta Aquarium
  • Pacific Point Preserve
  • Pelican Preserve
  • Shark Encounter
  • Stingray Lagoon
  • Turtle Trek
  • Underwater Viewing
  • Up-Close Dining
  • Wild Arctic (Habitat)

Dining Options

There are twelve dining options at SeaWorld, you can enjoy Nathan’s brand hot dogs at Captain Pete’s Island Hot Dogs, or try a unique pretzel flavor at Mama’s Pretzel Kitchen.

  1. Captain Pete’s Island Hot Dogs
  2. Expedition Cafe
  3. Flamecraft Bar
  4. Mama’s Pretzel Kitchen
  5. Mango Joe’s
  6. Seafire Grill
  7. Seaport Pizza
  8. Shark’s Underwater Grill
  9. Spice Mill
  10. Voyager’s Smokehouse
  11. Waterway Grill
  12. Up-Close Dining at Shamu Stadium