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Located at the Walt Disney World Resort in Bay Lake, FL is the water park of Blizzard Beach. This water park known from Disney legend is the failed ski resort in Florida. Blizzard Beach is open year round, Mondays-Fridays from 10am-5pm, Saturdays and Sundays from 10am-6pm and includes heated water all the time, 80 degrees Fahrenheit, with an annual closing in the winter for maintenance. For these reasons it is best to check the hours and days before you make your trip. There is no parking fee for Blizzard Beach.


The main eye catcher at Blizzard Beach is the 90 foot tall Mount Gushmore, where The Chairlift is located… There are three slopes with attractions on them; green, purple, and red. There is also the ground level. On the green slopes, you will find single track slides which are not meant for racing. On the purple slopes, you will find slides that are meant for racing. On the red slope, there is one attraction, Runoff Rapids, this is a multi-slide attraction but is not meant for racing.

Green Slope

  • Slush Gusher
  • Summit Plummet
  • Teamboat Springs

The Slush Gusher is a 90-foot tall body slide that reaches 35mph. Summit Plummet is one of the highest and fastest free-falling water slides in the world, reaching 60mph, and a whopping 13 stories high. Teamboat Springs is the world’s longest family water rafting ride, each raft can hold a maximum of six people.

Purple Slope

  • Downhill Double Dipper
  • Snow Stormers
  • Toboggan Racers

The Downhill Double Dipper is racing tube slides, side by side, at a height of 50 feet, sending guests traveling 25mph. Snow Stormers is a mat slide, in which guests lay on their stomach on the mat and slide down one of three flumes that are 350 feet long. Toboggan Racers is a 250-foot eight-lane water slide and guests also lay on their stomachs to use this slide.

Red Slope

  • Runoff Rapids

Runoff Rapids is a 600-foot twisting and turning inner tube ride featuring one enclosed tube slide and two open tube slides.

Ground Level

  • Cross Country Creek
  • The Chairlift
  • Melt-Away Bay
  • Tikes Peak

The Cross Country Creek is a 3,000-foot lazy river that travels around the water park, with seven entrances and exits, you can pick up an inner tube and go. The Chairlift is a one-way attraction that carries up to three guests up the base of Mount Gushmore to the top where many of the water slide entrances are located. Melt-Away Bay is a 1-acre wave pool at the base of Mount Gushmore. Tikes Peak is some gentle slides that are designed to mimic the bigger attractions at Blizzard Beach.

Ski Patrol Training Camp has four attractions and is for children who are not yet teenagers.

  1. Cool Runners
  2. Fahrenheit Drops
  3. Freezin’ Pipe Springs
  4. Leisure Pool

Cool Runners is a wide-open inner tube slide area. Fahrenheit Drops is also known as the T-Bar and is a rope drop for guest under 5 feet tall. Freezin’ Pipe Springs is a short body slide. Leisure Pool is for guests under 12 years of age to walk on pretend icebergs.

Food and Beverage

There are nine food and beverage options at Blizzard Beach, all service is quick service, walk up buildings. Guests are permitted to bring in their own coolers, food, and drink, know that glass bottles and alcohol are not allowed inside Blizzard Beach.

  • Arctic Expeditions
  • Avalunch
  • Cooling Hut
  • Frostbite Freddy’s Frozen Freshments
  • C. Expeditions
  • Lottawatta Lodge
  • Mini Donuts
  • Polar Pub
  • Warming Hut